August 30, 2021

Important information for September 2021

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普通科(プリスクール、キンダー、1年生から7年生):9月7日(火)午後3時30分から5時45分 *詳しい時間帯は担任のメールをお読みください。













スティーブストン日本語学校 校長 鈴木知子

Dear Parents and Guardians

Our school year will start soon! We hope you and your families are well. 

This coming school year from September 2021, we are offering on-line learning for all classes (pre-school – adult classes). It was a very difficult decision again as we were hoping to welcome some students back in class where a lot of hands-on learning would take place. However, the safety for all students and staff members is our priority.

Your child’s teacher will send more class details later in an email.

Textbooks and Handout

The teachers are looking forward to seeing all students through Zoom starting in September. We are preparing all the homework and worksheets for students. Parents do not have to print them out at home. 

Please pick up the textbooks and handouts at the school at the date and time assigned to your class as shown in the schedule below.

If you are driving when you come to the school, please park your car at the main Steveston Community Centre parking lot. Please maintain physical distancing while you make your way to our canopy which will be located in the school building’s parking area.

Your child’s teacher will send more class details in a later email.

Pick Up Schedule

Futsuka (Monday and Tuesday classes: Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades 1- Senior class):

Tuesday, Sept 7th 3:30 to 5:45 PM

Junior Fundamental (Wednesday and Thursday classes: Kindergarten, Levels 1- 6):

Wednesday, Sept 8th 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Senior Fundamental (Saturday classes – Level 1- 4):

Wednesday, Sept. 8th 4:45 to 5:45 PM

Saturday’s Level 5 students do not have to pick them up, please read your teacher’s email.

Project for one thousand origami cranes

During this pandemic, many organizations have stepped up to support others in the community. The Steveston Japanese Language School would like to recognize and thank the staff and volunteers of the Steveston Community Centre who have been very supportive of our school and students while working hard to meet the needs of local residents during this difficult time. To show them our appreciation, we would like to present them with senbazuru (one thousand origami cranes).

In Japan, people often make senbazuru to pray for good luck, peace, or recovery from illness. We would like our students to help us make senbazuru this fall and hope you can help to make this happen! By taking part in this project, students will experience Japanese culture, learn about the significance of senbazuru, and show their appreciation for the work of a community organization.

If you or your child/children would like to help make some origami cranes at home to contribute to the senbazuru, please inform the teachers when you pick up the textbooks and materials on September 7th or 8th so that we can provide you with origami paper. 

Origami crane folding tutorials will be provided by our volunteers using Zoom for you and your children in the coming months. More details on these Zoom sessions will be sent out at a later date.

Tomoko Suzuki


Steveston Japanese Language School