Adult Courses アダルトクラス

These courses range in suitability for those who want an introduction to Japanese language and culture,  to those who wish to learn Japanese for travel or business. Format: Online (with occasional in-person classes for cultural and physically interactive activities).



Level 1: Low Beginner
Level 2: High Beginner
Level 3a: Low Intermediate
Level 3b: Intermediate
Level 4: High Intermediate


Level 1-2: Tuesdays 7:00pm~8:50pm starts on September 12, 2023.
Level 3-4: Thursdays 7:00pm~8:50pm starts on September 14, 2023.


Steveston Japanese Language School

Number of students

A full class size will have 7-13 students, but if we have less than a full class, we may merge similar level classes together.


$587 total for the year plus other fees (as of 2023)

Text book

Level 1&2: Japanese for Busy People I: Revised 4th Edition
Level 3: Japanese For Busy People II : Revised 4th Edition
Level 4: Marugoto intermediate and other materials

Please ask for details in class.

Which course is suitable for you?

Level 1

This course is suitable for first time adult students interested in learning basic Japanese expressions and grammar. Those who have studied Japanese a little in the past and would like to refresh their skills are welcome.

Level 2

This course is designed for those would like to take the next step toward learning Japanese conversation. Adult students enrolling in this level should know basic greetings, grammar and vocabulary and be interested in applying this knowledge to use in basic sentences and conversation.

Level 3

This course is intended for adult students who would like to build on their conversation, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Those enrolling in this level should have a reasonable grasp of basic conversation, but may not yet be at the point of being able to express themselves naturally in normal everyday situations. Full knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana is a prerequisite for all students considering this course.

Level 4

This course is for those adult students who are capable of carrying on an everyday conversation but are interested in becoming more fluent and expressing their thoughts naturally and completely.

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