Code of Conduct

The Steveston Japanese Language School (SJLS) is obligated to provide a safe, positive and productive learning environment for all of our students, staff and members of our school community.

To this end, the code of conduct applies to everyone in our school and at school functions.

As we learn and work together, we will

  1. Be respectful of teachers, students and other members of our school community.
  2. Behave in a safe, considerate and courteous manner.
  3. Not threaten, harass, intimidate or assault, in any way, any person within our school community, through physical violence, offensive language, verbal abuse, print or electronic media.
  4. Not be in possession of weapons, dangerous articles, alcohol or illegal drugs while in school or work.
  5. Show respect and pride in the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre building and school equipment through care and appropriate use of school property.
  6. Respect the non-smoking environment of our school.

Any violation of the code of conduct will warrant intervention and/or disciplinary action.

Expectation of Students

As described in the Code of Conduct, students are expected to behave in a respectful and non-disruptive behavior towards teachers, other students, parents and guests of our school community. Name calling, swearing, hitting, pushing, and offensive facial expressions are not tolerated.

Interventions/disciplinary actions may vary depending on relevant factors. Consequences for the behaviours of individual students which make it difficult or impossible for teachers to provide a safe and/or productive learning environment, may include the following steps:

  1. The student’s parents/guardians will be provided with a first written notice of violation of the Code of Conduct.
  2. If the issues are not resolved following the first notice, parents/guardians will receive a second written notification and a meeting with teachers and the principal will be held to create a plan to improve the student’s behaviour involving the active participation of the student’s parents/guardians.
  3. All reasonable efforts will be made by the school to work together with the parents/guardians to resolve the issues, however if the child’s behaviour does not improve after these steps, the school will ask the student(s) in question to withdraw from the program. As such, SJLS reserves the right to withdraw students who repeatedly violate the school’s Code of Conduct.


Expectation of Parents

Support and encourage your child to follow the school’s Code of Conduct.

Recognize that you are partners in your child’s education and actively participate in your child’s learning of the Japanese language and culture.

Provide opportunities for an open and ongoing dialogue with the teacher to discuss your child’s progress and conduct.


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