Wellness Workshops ウェルネス・ワークショップ

2017年、第4回中医学講習会 「ツボについて学んで元気に暮らそう」が開かれました。講習費は講師の中元優子先生のご厚意で、すべて学校にご寄付いただきました。講習の様子がこちらです↓

In 2017, the 4th TCM workshop “Let’s learn about acupuncture points and live well” was held. All course fees were kindly donated to the school by the instructor, Dr. Yuko Nakamoto. Above pictures are from the workshop.

About Dr. Yuko Nakamoto, Dr. TCM R.Ac 中元優子先生について

Dr. Nakamoto established the Sea Island Wellness Clinic at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond B.C. She is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Registered Acupuncturist. Dr. Nakamoto holds a doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine located in Vancouver. She completed five years of academic studies and one thousand hours of practicum and internship at the China University Hospital in Tai Chung, Taiwan.

中元先生は、Sea Island Wellness Clinic をリッチモンド市、アバディーン・センターに立ち上げました。中元優子先生は、中医学を学んだ中医師です。バンクーバーにある the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine で学位を取得し、更に the China University Hospital in Tai Chung(台湾)で1000時間の実習コースを終えました。

Dr. Nakamoto’s areas of expertise are:

  • Gynecology
  • Menopause pain control
  • High blood pressure and dizziness
  • Dietary & exercise planning
  • Dermatology issues

Dr. Nakamoto enjoys teaching wellness workshops to the Japanese Community. She focuses on helping her patients attain a healthy and happy life.


  • 婦人科医学
  • 更年期
  • 痛みの緩和
  • 高血圧とめまい
  • 食餌療法と運動プラン
  • 皮膚のトラブル