Programs and Registration プログラムと申し込み

The Steveston Japanese Language School offers language classes, culture clubs and wellness workshops.


Classes クラス

The Steveston Japanese Language School offers Japanese language classes for students and adults at all levels and backgrounds from beginners to advanced.


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Class Registration Forms 入学申込書

Registration for 2016-2017 is now open. Early registration for all classes runs May 16 – 30, 2016. 


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Culture Clubs 文化クラブ

The Steveston Japanese Language School offers opportunities for its students and children outside of the school to become part of the Calligraphy Club and Chorus Club.

スティーブストン日本語学校は、本校の生徒は勿論、本校の生徒でない子供達にも 文化クラブに参加していただけます。

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Wellness Workshops ウエルネス・ワークショップ

The Steveston Japanese Language School is pleased to partner with Dr. Yuko Nakamoto of Sea Island Wellness Clinic to present wellness workshops in both  Japanese and English.

スティーブストン日本語学校は、Sea Island Wellness Clinicをオープンされた中元優子先生と提携して健康講座を開きます。

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