March 2, 2021

Recitation Contest

*日本語(普通科)はこちらのページをご覧ください→ 音読コンテスト

Here is some information about our upcoming recitation contest. 

All students, except for Adult classes, are welcome to participate in this event!

Submission period: March 8 (Monday) – March 24 (Wednesday)

What to submit:  Your class teacher will inform you of the submission details in class or by email.

Your submission can be either:

1) Reading from a text (don’t need to memorize) -audio or video


2) Reciting from memory (can not read text)- video only
If you recite form memory, submit your video so judges know it is memorised recitation.

How to submit:  Submit your video or audio to Padlet.

★Include the student’s name and level in your post
    (your initials are ok but please inform your teacher if using)

★ Inform your teacher by email that you have posted your submission. To help the judges, please also indicate for audio only submissions who the voice on the recording is (e.g., “Taro has posted his reading submission”).


Special performance prize for:   
– Futsuka (2 Contestants)
– Fundamental (2 Contestants)

These prizes will be selected from the Video submissions.
All participants will receive a Participation prize.

Dear parents/ guardians,

As mentioned in the newsletter, this contest will be held with the support of the Japan foundation. Parents are asked to help with posting their child’s submission and emailing their teacher. We thank you for your cooperation.

Prizes will be sent by email as soon as possible after the judging. This event may seem challenging for students. However, we believe that it will lead to a sense of accomplishment and confidence by taking on this challenge.

Spring break is coming, so please have them practice and encourage them to submit their recitation.

Thank you