March 6, 2018

2nd Annual Sakura Festival リッチモンド市主催第2回桜祭り

Place: Garry Point Park, 12011 Seventh Avenue, Richmond, BC

Date: April 08 (Sunday)、11:00am – 3:00pm

Attractions: Japanese Dancing, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Bonsai display, Kimono Wearing by Japanese School, Japanese Bento, etc.


Garry Point Parkに、2000年から和歌山県人会により毎年植え続けられてきた「アケボノ」という種類の桜の木、今年で256本になり、春になると公園は薄いピンクの色に染まるまでになりました。第1回目に引き続きスティーブストン日本語学校は、ボランティアと教師の協力で「着物の着付け」ブースを担当します。保護者の皆さま、ご家族で「お花見」を楽しまれるのは如何でしょうか。

Sakura trees (a variety called Akebono) have been planted by Wakayama Kenjin –kai in Garry Point Park since 2000.  By this year, total of 256 Akebono Sakura tress have been planted and the 2nd annual Sakura Festival sponsored by City of Richmond will by held on April 08. The Japanese School will participate in the celebration doing “Kimono Dressing”. We’d like to invite the students, parents and families to this “Hanami” event and enjoy a spring day in the park.


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